News, Teasers, and Tidbits (October Edition)

New Book News:

My next book, a novel-in-stories called Infinity Dreams, is now up for pre-order from Cemetery Dance, with a gorgeous cover from Lynne Hansen.

First blurb just came in from the redoubtable Christopher Golden:

"Glen Hirshberg is one of the best the horror genre has to offer. His Bradbury-haunted prose is elegant, sophisticated, and always utterly chilling. Read his work, and thank me later."

I’m thanking him now. Cheers, Chris.

Here’s the back-cover copy:

There are people who collect coins, baseball cards, flashlights. They trade and sell them at conventions, flea markets, antique malls.

Those are not the people Nadine and Normal (a.k.a. The Collector) serve, and those places are not where you’ll find them.

Their quests have led them to decidedly less familiar characters and locales: 

  • A music obsessive who gives a little more than fandom—and takes a little more than music—from the artists he loves.

  • A bouquiniste stall along the Left Bank of the Seine that has remained locked—for good reason—for 150 years.

  • A box full of View-Master reels showing tiny photographs of places—some of which don’t exist. 

  • A former Nazi-in-training, haunted—to the point of life-crippling paralysis—by a taste.

But now, Nadine lives sequestered in the Northern California woods, caring for the Collector, who has slid into early-onset dementia. One day, against her better judgment, she accepts an interview request from a young journalist. Who might not be a journalist. He has come for their stories.

Or maybe for something else.

Meanwhile, down the coast, in the cities, a wildness has gotten loose, and the world is tilting out of true, and the boundaries between reality and dream are not just blurring but melting.

But is that for better or worse? And who gets to say?

Welcome to Infinity Dreams, a novel-in-stories about dreaming your life, and living in dreams, and the permeable limbo we insist on calling reality.

Meanwhile, coming RIGHT HERE next week:

A week from today, I will put up my first paid subscriber-only post here. That will be the opening half of a novella called “Places We Ate with Z”, which is the launch story for a series I’m collectively calling All Happy People. I’ll offer a sizable preview for free.

As a teaser, and a huge bonus (for me, never mind you all), my longtime friend and collaborator Jonas Yip (whose work you should definitely know; check out his postcard club), has provided yet another stunning cover image that captures so much of the flavor of this novella, but also brings out new flavors. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a first look at that.

Quick thoughts, teasers, conversation starters:

Keith Gessen’s A Terrible Country is a beautiful book, funny and heartbreaking. It captures everything and more about the Russia I got to experience briefly a decade ago, and which inspired my novella, “Freedom is Space for the Spirit”. I will likely have more to say about this one in a future post.

I’m enjoying Only Murders in the Building, but mostly, I think, because it keeps reminding me of art I enjoyed more. Most egregious example is the silent episode, which seemed ill-conceived here, but called up so many echoes of better things (from favorite silent films to the “Hush” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and so left me with warmer feelings than it probably deserved.

The whole literary establishment emphasis right now on “unlikable” characters isn’t so much bizarre or wrong as utterly beside the point. Definitely will come back to this sooner or later.

Okay, here’s Jonas’s art for “Places We Ate with Z” . More soon: